How to book Jio phone? Follow these steps

Interested people have series of diversed options for booking 1500 Jio phone. Yes, based on the preferred mode, they can book which are as follows:-

  1. Through
  2. Through MyJioapp
  3. Through Jio retailers or Digital store owners


Since, the phone is limited, so you have to be there on priority basis as you will only get on first come first serve basis.

While during the time of delivery, you are supposed to pay the remaining 1000

If you want to get refund, then you need to refund the phone after 36 months in order to get money back

Payment for online booking can be done through any card or net banking


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1500 Jio Phone – Free Phone you don’t want to miss, Grab Now

Free 1500 Jio Phone, you don’t want to miss.

1500 Jio Phone is going to reach various ladders of success since; it is being launched now. A free phone is going to sell like hot cakes as the enriching figure is to be believed. Since, it is expected that whopping 10 million phones are going to be immediately sold within its official launch in the first month alone.
Can there be any other proof which authenticates the immense and electrifying craze amongst the people regarding 1500 Jio Phone who are quite proud of becoming the owner of such a priceless and coveted phone? Surely, there cannot be any.

Another aspect which cannot be overlooked is the fact that none of its competitor had ever reached/is going to reach the 10 million sales figure.
Jio Phone 1500 is indeed creating wonders as its dream of conquering the market by manufacturing some of the lucrative and coveted phones is indeed the reality. It is to be noted that it is the first of its kind of schemes in India, ever launched by any telecom provider
Such an esteemed company namely Jio has the credit of conquering whopping alarmingly high market share as far as the first quarter of the year is concerned. Therefore, it is indeed all set to double its profits thanks to the highly coveted  Jio 1500 Phone.

How can we overlook the fact which speaks volumes about the credibility as well as popularity of the 1500 Jio Phone with regards to any other phone Since, 1500 Jio Phone is going to register an increase of a lot of percent sale in the quarter of the year as this growth is regarded to be revolutionary.

Therefore, 1500 Jio Phone is an undisputed kind which has not got any rival thanks to its electrifying as well as enhanced features which are simply best amongst the rest with regards to the price of just 1500.

The concerned authorities of 1500 Jio Phone have said that the phone is going to be available in whopping all the states by late this month to 327 carriers. It is to be noted that for the time being the phone is sold all the states. Therefore, signaling even greater profits in the time to come.
There has been the news that 1500 Jio Phone could cover the 10 million sales mark which was expected by the analysts.. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the market is quite conducive for the 1500 Jio Phone which is indeed expected to reach never ending heights.


Read : How to book Jio Phone? Follow these steps